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Michael Brown

Michael Brown photo Michael Brown
  • Blue Belt
  • Wrestling Coach

Over the last 25 years, Mike Brown has developed an extensive knowledge in wrestling and grappling.  

Mike started wrestling in middle school in Holley, New York, and was promoted to Varsity by the second season. At Benjamin Franklin High School in Rochester, New York, he quickly advanced to team captain. During his time in high school, Mike won 4 City Catholic titles, 2 Freestyle tournaments, and 4 Greco-Roman tournaments. From there, he attended a Junior Olympic training camp where he was coached by the US Olympic staff.  In 2014, Mike entered the New York Section 5 Hall of Fame with 112 victories and 12 losses. He continued his wrestling for the University of Buffalo, where he placed second in two open tournaments before injury. 

In 2004, Mike join the United States Marine Corps, where he was a part of the 1st Blt/6th Marines. In between deployments, he worked out with the Marine Corps wrestling team and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program team members. 



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